Five of Cups

Key Meanings:

Grief and sorrow. Being sad. Feeling unloved. Suffering pain and loss. Being emotionally unsatisfied. Focusing on the negative.

I accept my pain and allow myself to express it. Even from this situation I can still learn.

So, what is it worth? Sadness about something, about a loss, a separation is completely understandable and important. But – look behind you and see that two cups are still standing. There is something positive that you can take from this. You have surely learned something that will serve you well in the future. If you look more closely you will make out a bridge which leads over a river.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Allow yourself to express your sadness.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Both people are always involved in difficulties. Look at your share.

Five Cups as a Career Card

A project has not worked out? Keep your eyes open, the next one is already waiting.

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