Four of Pentacles

Key Meanings:

Key meanings: Status and wealth. Doing business. Being money oriented. Stubbornness. Holding on to what you know. Recognition. Financial security.

I leave the old behind, with thankfulness. Full of confidence I look towards my future.

What are you holding onto? And above all, why?

You have perhaps achieved a great deal, but you cannot achieve anything new like this. Are you scared of the emptiness were you to let go? Are you a queen or a king?

In this state development is just not possible, even material wealth will not make you happy, as you always have to watch out that no one takes this away.

You have so much energy (red robe) so go forth, the world still has something to offer!

Interpretation as Daily Card

Take care of your money.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

You cannot hold on to people, let them go and be open for something beautiful.

Four of Pentacles as a Career Card

This is a good time for business, but let it flow.

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