Nine of Pentacles

Key Meanings:

Key meanings: Luxury Being classy and sophisticated. Security and possessions. Taking a break to enjoy life. A lavish holiday. Being in beautiful surroundings.

I am entitled to what I am and what I have achieved.

Enjoy your riches, your inner riches.

You have the capability to direct your energies towards any goal that you wish (falcon).

Be in harmony with your surroundings. You have found your place and you are in full knowledge of your abilities and possibilities.

You have discovered your inner home and because of this you could live anywhere in the world.

If you have drawn this card in response to a question, then the answer is, there is currently nothing to be done, just enjoy it, let yourself bask in the wonder and feel entitled to your inner wealth.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Enjoy the beauty of the view.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Things are not always all about you. Your partner knows how beautiful you are.

Nine of Pentacles as a Career Card

Hard work is necessary to receive the reward.

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