Page of Swords

Key Meanings:

Key meanings: Lies and deception. Unpredictable. Gossip and news. Plenty of knowledge, but little wisdom. Strong mental abilities. Being clever and quick-witted. Spying on others or being spied on.

It is better to fight for something than against something.

Stand in a high place and look at things from above for once, from a different perspective.

Then you will be able to easily make the decision that is before you.

The young man on the card seems very relaxed, he seems as if he could well handle, the instrument of decision-making. He has his eyes on the prize, visualises it and will easily achieve it.

The sword is also the instrument of reason and should you need it at the moment, you should not be led by your feelings alone. Consider your situation once again through the eyes of a third part and perhaps you will discover things that you had never even thought of.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Discover the new in an important situation.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

We can learn from all conflicts when we remove the drama. Bring clarity to an issue.

Page of Swords as a Career Card

Make sure you get an overview before you set off.

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