Six of Pentacles

Key Meanings:

Key meanings: Sharing wealth. Being kind. High personal status. Showing off. Earning a wage.

I allow others to share in my inner riches. I radiate my positive energy onto my fellow man. Everything that I send out, comes back to me.

A rich man gives to the poor. With a scale he weighs up how many pieces of gold he is giving out. By doing this no one person receives more than any other, but he also retains the power as he only gives as much as is necessary.

Interpretation as Daily Card

You have a lot to give – make someone a present.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Do not be sparing in expressing your feelings towards others. It is only when we give that we receive. Giving and receiving should be in balance.

Six of Pentacles as a Career Card

Now is a good time to have a mentor.

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