The High Priestess

Key Meanings:

Key meanings: Having a hidden talent. A woman in your life influencing you. Your inner life. Making the impossible become possible. Making plans that is right for you, rather than what suits other people.

I am relaxed – I look into myself, listen to myself and pay attention to my feelings.

Should the High Priestess appear in response to your question, it is said that wisdom has been activated within you. It is the card of intuition.

Relax and listen to your inner voice. Follow your feelings and pay attention to your dreams.

The Magician is the card of the day, the High Priestess is the card of the night. She is receptive, intuitive, she conveys the “feminine principle.”

The High Priestess sits between a black and a white column, between “good” and “evil” and this tells us that she does not sit in judgement and with the lunar system on her head in its various phases, she is telling us everything is subject to change. It is now a matter of accepting this change.

Interpretation as a Daily Card

Do not judge. There is neither good nor evil, there is only what there is.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

There is not good and there is not bad. We can learn from every situation and from every person, which is why we encounter them.

The High Priestess as a Career Card

Well-suited to advisory or therapeutic activities.

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