Three of Pentacles

Key Meanings:

Key meanings: Great skill and talents. Expertise and perfected work. Practical solutions. Taking pride in your work. Job satisfaction. Being competent.

My work is a creative process. My joy in life is also expressed through my work.

Work is not all there is to life. Look to do other things (again?). Apart from the worker we can also see on this card a monk and a jester.

Do you realise what it is really all about? Exactly, fun and spirituality – things that you should definitely not shut out of your life. Buddha is still laughing. Can you hear him?

Interpretation as Daily Card

Take some advice from people who have nothing to do with your work.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Alongside your work and career be sure to make time for your relationship.

Three of Pentacles as a Career Card

Consider where your calling really lies.

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