Two of Cups

Key Meanings:

Key meanings: Healing. Intimacy. Spiritual love. Making a connection with someone. A unique and special friendship. Giving and receiving love and support.

Love is the decision to accept a person as a whole, regardless of individual details.

The card of love!

Two people stand below a winged lion and swap cups. The cup represents feelings and love.

This is a true and equal exchange. Giving and taking are in harmony. Now is the opportunity to being your feminine and masculine sides into balance. Intuition and understanding meet in a wonderful way and work to advance your wellbeing.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Go about your encounters today with confidence.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Enjoy your pairship, but remember every now and again to cast a glance outside.

Two of Cups as a Career Card

Show your cards – others will thank you.

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