Wheel of Fortune

Key Meanings:

Key meanings: Getting what you want. Freedom and adapting to change. Positive change. Moving up in the world.

I will use this opportunity for my own development.

Everything changes and is subject to a secret law.

You have drawn the spinning wheel of fortune. Upon the wheel is seated a sphinx, a symbol for the mysterious nature of fate. On the descending side of the wheel we can see a snake, which symbolises the god Seth, who brought death into the universe. The name with the jackal’s head carries the wheel. He embodies Anubis, the leader of dead souls and giver of new life. The card demonstrates the power of the cycle of all things and demands that you accept this cycle.

If you do this, you will soon feel that what is happening is alright. Be a witness of proceedings, observe them without judgement.

Meaning as Daily Card

Patience –the wheel is turning and not only on itself. Look at everything from a larger perspective.

Interpretation as a Relationship Card

Think about this: you are the centre point of your date and fate is the things that the universe sends to us, including our partner. Or: a “fateful” meeting.

The Wheel of Fortune as a Career Card

You react confidently to changes.

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