Tarot Cards Meaning: Rider Waite Tarot Deck

The tarot cards listed below were once actually playing cards. They were used for a normal and formerly very common card game called “Tarot” or “Tarocchi”. This game was widespread in Europe from the 15th century on. However, today we might conceal in the word “Tarot” some secret meaning already. The word can be read from the back and front and also includes “rota” , the Latin word for circle .

There are numerous ways to work with the cards and the meanings and interpretations and how one can ask the future. Some prefer a daily card only and this is what we offer here at instarot.com: an instant free tarot reading for your day.

Here is list of all 78 tarot cards and key meanings of the Rider Waite Tarot deck. You will fond more detailed interpretations and meanings on the single tarot card pages.

  • Tarot Card Ace of Cups

    Ace of Cups

    Key meanings: Happiness. Feeling whole. Being connected to your heart and soul.
  • Tarot Card Ace of Pentacles

    Ace of Pentacles

    Tarot Card Ace of Pentacles Key Meanings: New job opportunity. A new offer on the table. Feeling secure. Making good financial decisions.
  • Tarot Card Ace of Swords

    Ace of Swords

    Key meanings: A wall of opinions. Standing out. Winning an argument.
  • Tarot Card Ace of Wands

    Ace of Wands

    Key meanings: Birth of an idea, a project or a child. Being inspired to begin something new.
  • Tarot Card Death


    Key meanings: Endings and new beginnings. Completing a chapter in your life. Putting the past behind you.
  • Tarot Card Eight of Cups

    Eight of Cups

    Key meanings: Following your dream. Seeking deeper meaning. Focusing on the spiritual rather than the material. Abandoning the mainstream way of life.
  • Tarot Card Eight of Pentacles

    Eight of Pentacles

    Key meanings: Learning a new skill. Concentration. Attention to details. Deepen the understanding about a subject. Doing the ground work.
  • Tarot Card Eight of Swords

    Eight of Swords

    Key meanings: Confused about what to do. Fear of failure. Being stuck. Not trusting in yourself enough. Lacking direction.
  • Tarot Card Eight of Wands

    Eight of Wands

    Key meanings: Learning something important. Having visitors. Going travelling. Good fortune ahead. Making your move.
  • Tarot Card five of Cups

    Five of Cups

    Grief and sorrow. Being sad. Feeling unloved. Suffering pain and loss. Being emotionally unsatisfied. Focusing on the negative.
  • Tarot Card Five of Pentacles

    Five of Pentacles

    Key meanings: Lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Spending more than you earn. Experiencing hard times. Lacking support. Suffering low energy.
  • Tarot Card Five of Swords

    Five of Swords

    Conflict and defeat. Being in trouble without doing anything wrong. Tension and betrayal. Unhealthy competition.
  • Tarot Card Five of Wands

    Five of Wands

    Key meanings: Being irritated. Wanting to stand out from the crowd. Clashing of personalities. Opposition. Difficulty in moving forward.
  • Tarot Card Four of Cups

    Four of Cups

    Key meanings: What goes up must come down. Feeling flat and uninspired. Not enjoying other people’s company. Feeling left out.
  • Tarot Card Four of Pentacles

    Four of Pentacles

    Key meanings: Status and wealth. Doing business. Being money oriented. Stubbornness. Holding on to what you know. Recognition. Financial security.
  • Tarot Card Four of Swords

    Four of Swords

    A placid and calm nature. Peace and quiet. Meditation. The end of a conflict. A place where you can have rest.
  • Tarot Card Four of Wands

    Four of Wands

    Key meanings: A life in the country. A wedding or a happy event. Open up to new possibilities. A strong community. A strong foundation.
  • Tarot Card Judgement


    Key meanings: Recognising your true vocation. Being a good judge of character. Taking responsibility for your life. Change and transformation that we are ready for. Taking a stand. Being the person you were always meant to be.
  • Tarot Card Justice


    Key meanings: Balance and fairness. Seeing all sides of a situation. The truth will set you free. Doing what is right. Being impartial.
  • Tarot Card King of Cups

    King of Cups

    Key meanings: A friend you can count on. Having highly developed social skills. A very well liked person. Living an alternative lifestyle.
  • Tarot Card King of Pentacles

    King of Pentacles

    Key meanings: Being an expert in your field. Career orientated. Middle management. Project management. A comfortable life.
  • Tarot Card King of Swords

    King of Swords

    Key meanings: Authority and responsibility. Being well prepared. Power and ambition. A professional. Well educated.
  • Tarot Card King of Wands

    King of Wands

    Key meanings: A natural leader. New and exciting projects. Ambitious and charismatic. Good with technology. Entrepreneurial skills.
  • Tarot Card Knight of Cups

    Knight of Cups

    Key meanings: Optimism. A business trip. A singer, poet, painter or writer. A creative phase. Entertaining others. Putting on a performance.
  • Tarot Card Knight of Pentacles

    Knight of Pentacles

    Key meanings: Being practical. Change of work. Ambition. A move due to work. Work hard and play hard. Putting in the effort. Never giving up-attitude.
  • Tarot Card Knight of Swords

    Knight of Swords

    Key meanings: Advancing. Moving forward fast. Multitasking. Making hasty decisions. Being competitive. Communication and problem solving skills.
  • Tarot Card Knight of Wands

    Knight of Wands

    Key meanings: Determination and drive. Very charming and lovable. Passionate and hot-tempered. Impulsiveness. Self-confident. Living life in the fast lane. Love showing off.
  • Tarot Card Nine of Cups

    Nine of Cups

    Key meanings: Getting what you want. Having meaning and purpose. Feeling proud of yourself. A wish coming true. Enjoying your life. Living in luxury.
  • Tarot Card Nine of Pentacles

    Nine of Pentacles

    Key meanings: Luxury Being classy and sophisticated. Security and possessions. Taking a break to enjoy life. A lavish holiday. Being in beautiful surroundings.
  • Tarot Card Nine of Swords

    Nine of Swords

    Key meanings: Worrying about the future. Worry and anxiety. Being overly fearful. Unable to sleep at night. Overwhelmed by guilt and regrets. Being consumed by negativity. Feeling unworthy.
  • Tarot Card Nine of Wands

    Nine of Wands

    Key meanings: Standing your ground. Finding your courage. Never giving up. Protecting your family. Knowing what you believe in. Finding out you are stronger than you could ever imagine. Learning something new about yourself.
  • Tart Card Page of Cups

    Page of Cups

    Key meanings: Seeing something with new eyes. Sentimental and romantic. An audition. Showing your talents. A romantic message. Being creative and learning a creative skill.
  • Tarot Card Page of Pentacles

    Page of Pentacles

    Key meanings: Working towards a goal. Reinventing yourself. Taking care of how you look and present yourself. Starting something new. Studying.
  • Tarot Card Page of Swords

    Page of Swords

    Key meanings: Lies and deception. Unpredictable. Gossip and news. Plenty of knowledge, but little wisdom. Strong mental abilities. Being clever and quick-witted. Spying on others or being spied on.
  • Tarot Card Page of Wands

    Page of Wands

    Key meanings: Chasing adventures and good times. Risk taker. Can be a drama queen. Passion and determination. Attention seeking individual. Receiving news.
  • Tarot Card Queen of Cups

    Queen of Cups

    Key meanings: People are falling in love with you. Using your Imagination to create. Making everyone at ease. Compassionate and caring. Being a magnet for romance. Self-improvement.
  • Tarot Card Queen of Pentacles

    Queen of Pentacles

    Key meanings: Being a parent. A practical person. The giving of love and support. Fertility and vitality. Love of gardening and the home. The best is yet to come.
  • Tarot Card Queen of Swords

    Queen of Swords

    Key meanings: Often hurt in love. Career oriented. Intelligent and clear in her dealings. Witty and smart. Professional.
  • Tarot Card Queen of Wands

    Queen of Wands

    Key meanings: Goal oriented and ambitious. Popular and easily liked. Independent. Keen interest in magic and the supernatural.
  • Tarot Card Seven of Cups

    Seven of Cups

    Key meanings: Daydreaming. Wishful thinking. Emotional emptiness. Learning a Healing modality. Having plenty of choices. Poor time management.
  • Tarot Card Seven of Pentacles

    Seven of Pentacles

    Key meanings: Wanting more job satisfaction. Efforts vs. rewards. Reaching a milestone. Taking stock. Feeling not good enough. Outdoor employment. Long term investment.
  • Tarot Card Seven of Swords

    Seven of Swords

    Key meanings: Being afraid to face the music. Avoiding responsibility. Breaking the rules. Stealing (especially ideas). Being caught out.
  • Tarot Card Seven of Wands

    Seven of Wands

    Key meanings: Being overwhelmed by too much attention. Being a chameleon. Putting up boundaries. Being defensive. Being a teacher or public speaker.
  • Tarot Card Six of Coups

    Six of Cups

    Key meanings: Your home is where your heart is. Memories. Innocence. Pleasures. Your past returning to you.
  • Tarot Card Six of Pentacles

    Six of Pentacles

    Key meanings: Sharing wealth. Being kind. High personal status. Showing off. Earning a wage.
  • Tarot Card Six of Swords

    Six of Swords

    Key meanings: Being sentimental. Finding solutions. Problem solving. Changing location. Feeling a bit low emotionally.
  • Tarot Card Six of Wands

    Six of Wands

    Key meanings: Coming out on top. Being very fortunate. Feeling good about yourself. Popularity. Being looked up to and admired.
  • Tarot Card Strength


    Key meanings: Courage. A spiritual nature. Passion and love. Inner strength. Pride and determination. Self-Control.
  • Tarot Card Temperance


    Key meanings: Enjoying well-being. Mixing different situations to create a better one. People and situations complementing each other. Finding the middle ground.
  • Tarot Card Ten of Cups

    Ten of Cups

    Key meanings: Spiritual connection in your relationships. Spiritual truth. Well-being. Experiencing good fortune. Counting your blessings and feeling grateful.
  • Tarot Card Ten of Pentacles

    Ten of Pentacles

    Key meanings: Retirement. The Establishment. Investments. Wealth. Financial security. Passive income.
  • Tarot Card Ten of Swords

    Ten of Swords

    Key meanings: Hitting rock bottom. Being the victim. The end of something. Feeling useless. The need for a new beginning.
  • Tarot Card Ten of Wands

    Ten of Wands

    Key meanings: Being a martyr. Performance punishment. Unable to say No. Worrying what other people think of you. Being task oriented.
  • Tarot Card The Chariot

    The Chariot

    Key meanings: Being a hero. Getting your way. Being assertive. Using your will power to accomplish your goals. Being in control.
  • Tarot Card The Devil

    The Devil

    Key meanings: The need to be in control over others. Lack of freedom. Making others obey you. Being enslaved to addictions.
  • Tarot Card The Emperor

    The Emperor

    Key meanings: Leadership and authority. Energy, force and drive. Making your own rules and having others obeying them. Structure, logic and reason. Being your own boss.
  • Tarot Card The Empress

    The Empress

    Key meaning: Being abundant and healthy. Pregnancy and giving birth, being a mother. Intelligence and leadership. Creativity and nurturing in the home. Being beautiful and sensual.
  • Tarot Card The Fool

    The Fool

    Key meaning: Being in the right place at the right time. Making it up as you go. Letting go of worry and fear. Heading into the unknown. Feeling happy, joyful and carefree.
  • Tarot Card The Hanged Man

    The Hanged Man

    Key meanings: Appreciation. Seeing life from a new perspective. Pausing to reflect. Letting go of your position to get peace.
  • Tarot Card The Hermit

    The Hermit

    Key meanings: Seeking solitude. Contemplation. Having wisdom beyond your years. Lighting the way for others. Being able to communicate with animals.
  • Tarot Card The Hierophant

    The Hierophant

    Key meanings: Following a leader. Spiritual guidance. A teacher. Support and structure in your community. Following the rules.
  • Tarot Card The High Priestess

    The High Priestess

    Key meanings: Having a hidden talent. A woman in your life influencing you. Your inner life. Making the impossible become possible. Making plans that is right for you, rather than what suits other people.
  • Tarot Card The Lovers

    The Lovers

    Key meanings: Communication with like-minded people. Being with your soul mate. Physical attraction. Feeling passionate about something or someone.
  • Tarot Card The Magician

    The Magician

    Key meanings: Using old skills in a new field. Believing in yourself. Being in charge of your own destiny. Using your talents. Being able to sell yourself, sell your ideas and sell a product.
  • Tarot Card The Moon

    The Moon

    Key meanings: Uncertain reality. Intuition pushing forward. Strong and vivid dreams. Unknown territory. Fear and phobia.
  • Tarot Card The Star

    The Star

    Key meanings: Being unique. The future looks bright. Fame. Inspiration. Sudden change and awakening.
  • Tarot Card The Sun

    The Sun

    Key meanings: Optimism. Joy and happiness. A holiday. A warm place. A child. Being accepted. Self-realisation.
  • Tarot Card The Tower

    The Tower

    Key meanings: Sudden awakening. Survival instincts. Being uncomfortable. Being exposed. Destruction, aggression and conflict. Experiencing the shocking truth.
  • Tarot Card The World

    The World

    Key meanings: Teaching the world something you are an expert in. Accomplishments. The boundaries that direct us while we grow. Travelling to another part of the world.
  • Tarot Card Three of Cups

    Three of Cups

    Key meanings: Being popular. Being with your friend. Dancing. Appreciating life. Bursting with joy and energy. Having a good time. Your friends.
  • Tarot Card Three of Pentacles

    Three of Pentacles

    Key meanings: Great skill and talents. Expertise and perfected work. Practical solutions. Taking pride in your work. Job satisfaction. Being competent.
  • Tarot Card Three of Swords

    Three of Swords

    Key meanings: Emotional pain. Heart break. Separation. Sorrow.
  • Tarot Card Three of Wands

    Three of Wands

    Key meanings: Expanding horizons. Planning ahead. Freelancers. An expanding enterprise. Creative writers.
  • Tarot Card Two of Cups

    Two of Cups

    Key meanings: Healing. Intimacy. Spiritual love. Making a connection with someone. A unique and special friendship. Giving and receiving love and support.
  • Tarot Card Two of Pentacles

    Two of Pentacles

    Key meanings: Having fun at work. The ups and downs of life. Playing with money. Working two jobs. Doing something you enjoy. Turning a hobby into a career.
  • Tarot Card Two of Swords

    Two of Swords

    Key meanings: Being objective and impartial. Staying calm. Staying out of trouble. Avoiding to rock the boat. Avoiding getting emotionally involved.
  • Tarot Card Two of Wands

    Two of Wands

    Key meanings: Knowing what you want. Being original. Finding your place in the world. Being strong minded and confident about your abilities. Creating something new and exciting.
  • Tarot Crad Wheel of Fortune

    Wheel of Fortune

    Key meanings: Getting what you want. Freedom and adapting to change. Positive change. Moving up in the world.