I perceive change in everything. I am ready to let go and to greet the new with open arms.

This card strikes fear into most people, but it is the card of transition, of change and shows us that something ends so that something new can begin.

If you draw this card, you have arrived at a decisive point in your life, or the question that lays behind it indicates a fundamental change in your life.

Perhaps you need to let something go, or to say goodbye to something. In this respect it is correct what we see on the card, as every goodbye is a little death. Every death brings with it new life.

This card also shows us that we can no longer supress certain things in our lives. It is only when we deliberately look at these things and settle them that we can create space for the new.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Are you sure that things are as you believe them to be? Turn your attention to what is really there.

You’ll find something new if you look closely.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Give your old relationship a place in your heart. This will help you in your current relationship.

Death as a Career Card

Don’t hang your head. Something better is on its way.