Eight of Cups

I go along my way with a good feeling. I trust my inner voice which will lead me to my destination.

Are you fed up? Are you considering changing your life? It is important to give these decisions full consideration. The energy is there (red robes). You go without any ill will. You have achieved a great deal and this can remain. You don’t need to destroy anything. Follow your inner voice, the active phase is behind you and you are turning towards the moon (the passive side), the side of intuition. The path leads to the mountains of realisation and the source, which is the source of the true self. So off you go to shores anew!

Interpretation as Daily Card

Everything that went before was good, and you can take it further.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

You have given a great deal. See if you receive anything in return.

Eight of Cups as a Career Card

Consider whether this work is still right for you.