Eight of Swords

I am now freeing myself. My gaze is focused straight ahead, I feel my power.

Oh oh, all the things you have been through! But – you have survived it all!

All this is not reason to despair. You currently have enough energy (red robes) to free yourself from your chains. You just need to trust in yourself.

Fear of getting hurt does not prevent this from happening, instead it seems to encourage it. It is time to open your eyes, look to the future and leave the past in the past.

Interpretation as Daily Card

The past is history, now you can divert your energy to what lies ahead of you but while doing this – keep your eyes open! Today you could free yourself of your bonds.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Old hurts are no reason to close yourself off to life permanently. Every wound can be healed. Work on processing your past.

Eight of Swords as a Career Card

Feeling and intuition are now required. Intellect alone will now solve this situation.