Five of Pentacles

In my task I recognise every situation in life. I am ready to learn something from it.

The tarot shows us with the beggar and the invalid who are passing by a lit church window, that without spiritual experience we are all poor and ill. Now it is the time to investigate the sense behind everything. It is the religio time.

Every illness and every ill turn of fate is a change for spiritual development. If we look into this early enough we can save ourselves much suffering.

If we are only fixated on the external we will miss the essence of life.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Don’t only see the negative side of the problem. Consider in your thoughts whether everything is really so bad.

Meaning as Relationship Card

Do you know the fairy-tale of the Frog Prince? In it someone becomes a partner because they have helped someone else in a difficult time in their lives. Such relationships are called: frog-princess  or frog-prince relationships. Do not remain in this position – relationships are made up of give and take. Show your partner that you are also in the position to offer your assistance.

Five of Pentacles as a Career Card

Let yourself be helped, or get some further training.