Four of Cups

He who never retracts his opinion loves himself more than the truth.

A young man sitting under a tree sees the three cups standing before him, from the clouds a fourth cup is offered to him.

You have drawn this card and through it the tarot is saying to you: open your eyes and see what is being offered to you. Perhaps you are busy looking with pride at the offering but so much more is possible if you open yourself to what the universe is extending towards you.

Perhaps you have also been disappointed and have closed yourself off because of this. But disappointment is fundamentally a positive thing as it simply tells you that have judged something incorrectly, but this has now been undone.

Interpretation as Daily Card

WAKE UP! Don’t miss this day and open your eyes for the gifts that life is offering.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Don’t shut yourself off from your partner. Sometimes, however, it can be good to be alone for a little while.

Four Cups as a Career Card

You can work well alone and think through all opportunities.