Four of Swords

What is the point of a sunrise if we don’t get out of bed?

Are you holding back your aggression?

Out with it! It will clear the air. Think of the air after a storm! How clean and clear that air is!

In our childhood it is often already forbidden to be aggressive. Aggression is considered to be bad and negative. Aggression is however necessary, without it there would be no progress. And something else: aggression, which is not let out is turned inwards on yourself and this can then turn into depression.

But stop – before you reach for your nice and run towards the closest person – this sort of expression of aggression is not what I meant.

Go jogging, go into the woods and scream, shout when you are driving alone in the car, go to the disco and dance ecstatically. This frees you and gives you room – within.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Today discretion is required.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

You cannot always act as if nothing is wrong, so come out with it. It doesn’t achieve anything if you play dead.

Four of Swords as a Career Card

A project requires careful planning and a quiet, considered approach.