I recognise the cause of my sorrow and from this I learn. I am ready to learn this lesson. My new path begins NOW.

A new era begins with the day of judgement. The past is behind you.

There are things that cannot be put off forever. Things thought to be long gone now come to a head – and this is a good thing. Something that has burdened you for a long time, perhaps without your knowledge, it is not time to be free of it. Be candid and open.

The card shows us very clearly that even death is not final. Decisions made thinking that they would apply “forever” can now be reconsidered.

It may be the case that a new phase is beginning, in which you see things very differently to before.

Interpretation as Daily Card

This is a good day for coming to terms with the past and for a new beginning. Show maturity and forgiveness.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Don’t pass judgement. Instead look at things from many different perspectives.

Judgement as a Career Card

An era of renewal has dawned.