I am now taking conscious responsibility for my life and by doing so I achieve clarity.

Now is the time for you to take responsibility. Responsibility, which is the basis for correctly judging your situation.

In order to recognise the “right thing” you should use your intellect as well as your emotional skills to weigh things up. Now the time has come to take over personal responsibility. By doing this things will come to a just conclusion. Responsibility also means making a decision consciously.

Sometimes we do not recognise justice at first sight, especially not when we are deeply involved. Often we only recognise it years later. Hurry out of your era of fantasy and look at the current situation. By doing this you will be able to review things and gain more clarify.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Maintain your equilibrium even if others try to unbalance you. A good day to make decisions!

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Do not focus on your partner, instead make your own judgement. A relationship is made up of a balance of giving and taking.

Justice as a Career Card

Today you are a good broker or mediator.