King of Cups

I listen to my inner voice.

Here we see the most empathetic and feeling king of the tarot.

He is the healer, the therapist. He trusts his intuition and tells you that you should do this also.

This King really is someone who can follow their heart and listen to their inner voice. Doing this requires trust, trust in this existence and in the flow of the river of life taking you to the correct place.

Now is the time for you to open yourself to inner experiences. Observe the signs which can come from the deepest layers of yourself.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Your intuitive help is now required. Listen to your heart.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Stand by your feelings, they are the most valuable thing that you possess. You should also express them.

King of Cups as a Career Card

You work as a healer, therapist, and coach or with people in general. Approach other people around you.