Knight of Swords

I can feel my power – I am going to act now.

This is the card of cold intellect, which does not accept any excuses, which storms forwards without any consideration of possible losses. Fiercely determined, it has to be now. Something is it having to face the music. It is the yes-card of the tarot.

Now it is time to take action, to take an important insight and put it into practice. This knight is courageous, he is probably the only one who has broken his ranks, and hopefully the wind doesn’t blow too strongly against him.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Today is the day to make a suggestion or to take a step. Forwards! Don’t let anything hold you back.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Now your courage is called upon to put this thing into practice. But don’t gallop off too fast, be sure to look around you. Look to see whether your partner is able to come with you at this speed.

Knight of Swords as a Career Card

Now a brisk approach is called for, but only after a close analysis of the situation.