Nine of Swords

I am ready to see what is there. Man has to live his whole life in order to understand it.

Did you want to draw a nice card? Click on back to the game and try it again. Joking aside, you would probably get a similar card anyway – and in the tarot there is no such thing as a good or bad card, there is only what there is.

The nightmare is over, you are waking up and just in time.

If you now open your eyes you will see that roses are placed on the bedcovers. A painful time lies behind you, full of hurt and battles.

If you are considering the question of a project in the future, this is the time to consider it more closely and to brush away all illusions and dreams. So open your eyes!

Interpretation as Daily Card

If today brings the end of a dream be happy that it was just that, a dream.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

You have woken up at just the right time. Now is the time to look at things more closely and to separate illusion from reality. Broach the problem.

Nine of Swords as a Career Card

Allow yourself a break. You are overworked.