Queen of Cups

Friendliness in words brings trust. Friendliness in thought brings depth. Friendliness in giving brings love.

This queen is dreamy, full of feeling and inspired like no other queen in the tarot. The Queen of Cups is the dreamer so considers the wealth of possibilities selflessly and thanklessly.

You have the ability to carry out a healing or helping career and perhaps you are already doing this. If not, this does not have to be done as a profession. You can do good in your everyday life with those around you.

Listen to your heart’s voice but don’t spend all of your time in reflection.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Why make your heart into a den of thieves? Let the energy flow through you.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

No one wants to take anything away from you. If you are afraid of this you are like a moth to a flame. Be open – love can’t hurt you.

Queen of Cups as a Career Card

Ideal for a caring profession – or simply help others.