Queen of Pentacles

Happiness often comes from paying attention to the little things, unhappiness from neglect of the little things.

Are you happy or are you afraid that you will have to give something up?

This queen sits in a fertile landscape. She is looking at something precious, a star.

Don’t hold back, the landscape, the environment in which you find yourself is rich enough. Often something better will come along, even if we can’t believe that at the moment – and you have already experienced this, haven’t you?

The star indicates a spiritual experience, an opportunity for spiritual development and development is often painful. In retrospect we are happy that everything turned out as it did.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Take a look at what you have and be proud of it.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Talk to your partner about your desires, he cannot guess them.

Queen of Pentacles as a Career Card

Work is about more than just earning money. Work should be more than just a job.