Seven of Pentacles

I am the creator of my own success. All things in my life happen in accordance with my thoughts, action and words.

Yes, patience is now required to let things come to fruition. You have sown the seeds and are waiting for the harvest. Do not think that you anything else will come out of it other that what you have sown.

Whether this makes you pleases you or not, the spiritual law at the start of the Bible does not care: At the beginning was the word was flesh.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Relax and consider the fruits of your labours.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Patience, things can only grow that have been sewn. And if you are disappointed in what is growing – disappointments are to be viewed positively. They only say that the deception has come to an end. You created this situation for yourself.

Seven of Pentacles as a Career Cards

Treat yourself to a well-earned break. The most important work has been done.