Seven of Swords

I observe my problems for once from the other wise, with levity and playfulness and realise that I can learn from them.

Do you really believe that you could still steal from the field? The man on the card can carry 5 swords but 2 remain behind and because, as we can see from the position of the tent, it is a time of war, this is soon to be noticed.

Perhaps you are trying to end an argument but it is not working. Doubts remain. By carrying the swords there is the possibility that you could hurt yourself, perhaps even by falsely trying to take consideration of others.

Are you someone who takes hot chestnuts out of the fire for other people, or who is used to do this? Let them be, look after yourself.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Even if it seems very tempting – do not get involved.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

You will not be able to avoid this conflict and that is a good thing. Some things need to be said aloud.

Seven of Swords as a Career Card

Your diplomatic skills are now required. But take care not to overwhelm yourself and take all interested parties into consideration.