Seven of Wands

I turn my energy to what is good for me.

I hope that it is not the windmill wings that you are currently fighting against! If this is the case you will need to stake your claim courageously!

Are you afraid to lose your hard-won position? This fear is taking up a great deal of energy which could be better used. If you look at the place on which the wand lies –that’s it – between the head and the heart!

So the heart cannot overwhelm reason – or the other way around. Have you realised? You are fighting against yourself!

So take a break and let the others do as they want, seat yourself upon the hill and enjoy the view from the other side.

“One can perhaps forget where the peace pipe is buried, but never where the axe lies.” – Mark Twain.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Take a moment to look inwards and see whether or not the effort is worth it.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Whatever other people think of your relationship, you may listen to them but stop fighting. If you have to fight with your partner then you need to consider whether they are right for you.

The Seven of Wands as a Career Card

Many people want your position or to muscle in on your project.