Six of Cups

I take my needs seriously and pay attention to them. I allow them to be a part of my life.

Two children give one another gifts, the cups are filled with flowers. The child in you is currently very active, let it live.

If we respect our inner child and let it express itself then we have no further need for walls, the flowers grow outside of the walls.

Remind yourself of the good times of your childhood, how lively you were, how curious and how open.

Be like that again and life will hold a great deal of gifts in store for you. Accept these gifts. Did you know that some presents may be wrapped in the wrapping paper of problems?

We can view every situation that life throws at us as a gift, as a possibility to grow, to gain experience and to learn from them. Most people do not learn from their mistakes, you should. It is okay to make mistakes but there are enough new ones that we can make.

Interpretation as Daily Card

What gift could you give today?

Meaning as a Relationship Card

This is the card of a desire for children, which perhaps has not yet been voiced.

Six of Cups as a Career Card

Are you getting what you deserve?