Ten of Swords

Precisely the energy that was missing in order to win a battle is now required to deal with a defeat.

It is now time to admit to a defeat or at least to acknowledge it. Perhaps you even consciously brought about this state.

The mind has brought about this defeat, as the swords in tarot stand for reason, or cold intellect. But as is so often the case, it is only in defeat that one sees the light upon the horizon, or a new path.

All problems are fundamentally gifts that we make ourselves.

Interpretation as Daily Card

The turning point is coming or has already arrived. You now have the opportunities to sort many things in a new way. The battle is over – something new is beginning.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Now it is time to start again. Nothing is as it was before. You can be happy about it if illusions have been shattered. Now you can avoid making the same old mistakes.

Ten of Swords as a Career Card

You can’t get any further on your intellect. Using it you have become stuck.