The Chariot

I have confidence in my abilities, so my success is assured.

The seventh card in the tarot is “The Chariot”. 7 is the number of completion. This card shows that one has everything they need in order to go on, that now something new can begin.

The “chariot” tells us that man is in a position to control all of the aspects of his personality. In this word control, however, there lies a danger of torpor. Control can all too often cut us off from the present. Here we see a man who stands in a wonderful chariot, equipped with everything that he needs, but he is setting off. Why not? Is he afraid that the two draught animals (black and white sphinxes) will pull him in opposite directions?

You have waited for a long time, not trusting yourself to set forth. The destination has long been decided. Accept that everything has two sides and have faith in your equipment, even when you are about to leave a safe haven.

Interpretation as a Daily Card

What is it you are waiting for? Go forth! With these abilities!

Meaning as a Relationship Card

You have everything that you need to create the situation that you desire. Make sure that you also pay attention to your partner’s desires.

The Chariot as a Career Card

You are successful in your career.