The Devil

My consciousness is directed on what I transmit. I free myself from all chains.

Every one of us has a darker side within us which we do not normally like to show, even if we discover this right away in our fellow man. If we supress this side for long enough, eventually it will win power over us.

You may have gotten a bit of a fright when you drew this card. But you know just how positive a fright can be, it wakes you up – at least for a short time – and you must make use of this.

Up until now have you been acting against your convictions? – Stop it!

Have you be ignoring your dark side? – Look at it!

Have you felt tied down with chains? – Tear them off!

This card warns us against becoming entrapped by our passions or acting against our convictions.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Look at the darkness or else you will not know the light. Today you should take this warning seriously.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Take a deep look at the dependencies within your relationship.

The Devil as a Career Card

Something may happen to you that you will not like.