The Empress

I enjoy my life in all of its aspects. Everything is flowing. I listen to what my heart tell me.

Surrounded by a fertile landscape, the Empress sits upon her throne.

Here we see femininity embodied. The Empress is the symbol for insight through emotional experience. It is the card of sensuality, of passion, of enjoyment, abundance and the erotic.

This tarot card means: naturalness, growth, life, co-existence with nature, fertility….

For you this card indicates something good, an encouragement to live and let live and to not curtail the need for naturalness by your thoughts or plans.

Let yourself be carried along by life. Try to accept and experience the whole breadth of the rhythm of your life, this means not only the high times of joy but to accept the less than joyful times. The breadth of your life moves within life’s poles.

You are encouraged to apply the “Empress aspect” into your life, to apply it positively. In order to be able to apply this aspect to your life positively it is almost unavoidable to also get to know the flipside of the aspect. Pay attention to it: once we have discovered how beneficial it is to let life run its course we should also make sure that we do not fall into the trap of throwing those measures aside which are necessary to bring a certain degree of order to life. Too many rules, regulations and life principles stifle the natural flow of life – having too few results in chaos. Each one of us is resigned to have to find a healthy balance – over and over again.

She is also a symbol of the “Great Mother” and the fertile earth. Let yourself be led by your heart, feel your original sensual nature and say yes to a love of all things beautiful. Let your everyday life become an act of meditation. You are currently in a creative phase of your life.

Interpretation as a Daily Card

A project that has been long in the planning could today reach a successful conclusion.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Partners should not be put on a pedestal. So let them down gently.

The Empress as a Career Card

Networking is required.