The Fool

I live in the here and now and am full of confidence. I go my own way.

One of the wise men in tarot – and not only there – is The Fool.

The Fool defies every prejudgement, and it is for this reason that it is assigned the number “0”. He cares not for the options of others and nor should he care. No one can pass judgement on him or has the right to pass judgement. In every judgement one’s own projections resonate clearly.

The Fool shows us very clearly that there is only one life, in the “here and now” and that everything else is simply an illusion. The past is gone and the future is not yet here – and when it does arrive it too will be the “here and now”.

The Fool is the “innocent”, the child, the carefree and as such can go freely through life. And don’t many fairy tales tell us that it is the “fool” who inherits the kingdom?

Interpretation as Daily Card

Live consciously in the “here and now” and enjoy things as they are.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

The card shows you there is only the here and now and hat everything else is simply an illusion, born out of fear or greed. And if things are this way anyhow, then you may as well just enjoy them.

Career Card

Today you should follow your intuition and pay heed to your gut feelings.