The Hanged Man


From a relaxed state I observe the other side of my current situation and gain a new perspective.

Just look at how happy some people are when they suddenly see things from another perspective and that despite the fact that everything around them is going wrong.

With one leg outstretched and the other crossed behind it, his hands tied behind his back and on top of it all a crown on light on his head. If one doesn’t come to “enlightenment” in this state, then when?

Now is not the time to take action, instead keep calm and by doing this you will gain insight. Do you recognise the two crosses? (The branch and the leg). The cross demonstrates the abolition of opposites. There is no good and no evil, there is only what there is.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Enlightening thoughts will come to you when you finally view things from the opposite perspective.

And: let go – there is nothing to be done.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Spend one day looking at the world through your partner’s eyes. But also: relax – things are not as bad as they seem.

The Hanged Man as a Career Card

Ask yourself whether, deep inside, you have already quit.[/fusion_text]