The Hierophant

You have drawn the card of the spiritual teacher, the Hierophant. The columns between which he sits are grey, the duality is removed, and he knows that everything is one.

In contrast to The Emperor, the Hierophant holds his wand in his left hand, this means that his power comes from the heart.

If you have drawn this card it is a reference to a spiritual path, which is of great importance for your development.

With his right hand he points upwards, to a higher level of consciousness and thereby tells us that there are things between heaven and earth which we have not yet come to know.

The card could also be an indicator that you should free yourself from old dogma and be open to new teachings.

Interpretation as Daily Card

There are still things that you have not even considered. Open your eyes – but turn your gaze inwards

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Listen to your inner voice.

The Hierophant as a Career Card

Pay attention to the spiritual meaning of your actions.