The Lovers

All of my thoughts and actions are based on love.

The way of the tarot is the way of freedom and this card shows us how.

According to mythology, it was not always the case the humans were separated. It was because Zeus was afraid that mankind could become too powerful that he separated male and female with a thunderbolt. Since that time they are on the search for their missing half.

If you have drawn this card this can indicate an affinity of nature or “true love”.

On a physical level man and woman are necessary for the survival of the species. On a mental and spiritual level that both parts within ourselves – the male and female – are made one in order to obtain a higher state of consciousness.

We can obtain this supreme consciousness through the connection and recognition of the body and the soul. It is only when we live with and love these parts of ourselves that we can experience and enjoy love with another. We cannot love anyone if we do not do it ourselves, and we cannot expect it from anyone else.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Open your eyes today, look at your life with loving eyes.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

An indication of “true love”.

The Lovers as a Daily Card

You have found your calling.