The Moon

I am looking at my truth. I accept even my darker side and know that I can get through it to the light.

Something or someone fascinates you. This fascination stirs an old longing in you. This longing could be for security or safety or the desire to love your feelings fully and do as your intuition tells you.

The Moon is the card of longing, of intuition and the conversion to the feminine side within you.

Between the two dogs who are barking at the moon, a path leads from the water (the unconscious) to the mountains of perception. You are on a path which can lead you to great insight.

The crab, which is coming out of the water, symbolises a giant step in this decision. The mind (right-hand dog) regards this step sceptically, your feelings (left-hand dog) is overseeing.

The part also leads past two watchtowers. These could be people in your life who have objections to your decision. It is important to speak to these people in order to clear any doubt or fears standing in your path.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Pay attention to your dreams, today is a good day to dream. Or do whatever it is you have always wanted to do.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Talk to your partner today about your secret longings.

The Moon as a Career Card

Listen to your inner voice!