The Star

I am healthy and complete. I let things happen. My life is a creative process.

A naked woman kneels on the bank of a sea, she pours water from two jugs into the sea and onto the land. This card often represents “the calm after the storm.”

The star, however, represents a time of sadness and the acceptance of one’s own tears. You are entitled to your tears, they are your great treasure.

Seafarers across the ages have used the stars to navigate their way and for us also, these tears should be used to navigate the way to self-discovery. Water and tears purify and bring clarity.

This card also tells you to now let your creative energies flow freely, to act creatively.

Do not worry at all that there is too little there. You can draw on unlimited resources and in doing this consider that he who gives a lot will also receive a lot. We create our own limitations but there are moments when we truly realise that existence is full of gifts.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Today you can create and give from unlimited resources – and – as such – you also have a lot to give. Do this and consider how you can give today.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Give for the sake of giving.

The Star as a Career Card

Make your good influence felt.