The Sun

It is not a matter of bringing more days to my life, but more life to my days.

The sunny side of life, you should enjoy it. A child rides freehand on a white horse, in its left hand it carries a streaming flag.

Although there was much that was in darkness (the wall in the background), now the sun is shining over everything and sunflowers are even growing on the wall.

Difficult times are now followed by the good.

With this card your inner child is getting in touch. It wants to live, enjoy, have fun, have joy in its existence. It could be that you have supressed it for a long time and that worry and suffering was the result, perhaps even illness.

When we are ready are ready to go through life as children do, open and with curiosity, we give ourselves the greatest gift.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Enjoy the day. Direct your attention to lightness and cheerfulness.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

The sun is shining right now, even if there are difficult times behind you. Enjoy this moment and let your partner feel how much you love them

The Sun as a Career Card

Roll your sleeves up and get stuck in.