The Tower

I recognise the gift in every situation. I know that truth lies beyond things.

Just when one’s not looking, there it comes like a bolt out of the blue. The longer you have had your eyes closed, the harder it hits. This card could be a synonym for the new century. And if we take a look at what is happening in our country that seems to be correct.

But do not give up hope, it is only the crowned heads that will call. Old scabs fall away. Only thus can the new blossom. This means you need to now separate yourself from old beliefs or habits.

Take a close look at whether people who you previously held as figures of authority are really that or whether you are fooling yourself.

Stop making comparisons, accept things and allow their dynamic. Faith is required. Then even sparking ideas can come into being. Acceptance is the way forward.

Interpretation as Daily Card

It is now time to break away and to courageously begin with the new. Today you should pay particular attention to signs.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

A discussion to clarify affairs is required.

The Tower as a Career Card

Rethink old concepts before it is too late.