The World

I create my own world and am responsible for the experience of my life. In this world I am relaxed and in complete harmony.

You have drawn “The World”. This card stands for: freedom, strength and self-assurance. You can bring harmony to your life. You are a part of this existence.

When drawn in response to certain questions this card indicates that you have a strong helper (the four symbols in the corners of the card), who will support you in your ventures.

“The World” is the last card in the Major Arcana in tarot and means a great deal, as it is the end of the journey through the Major Arcana. The path has lived through highs and lows and has learned from them. One has arrived and has come to the realisation that everything is one.

The card tells you to pay attention to the correct balance and to make public your own needs and views. Live in the here and now, there is nothing else anyway. If you live consciously in the here and now you will deal with what is coming.

Interpretation as Daily Card

The world is your oyster, enjoy your opportunities! Chase after happiness!

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Enjoy the harmonious moments. You have created them. Only when you are happy in yourself can you be happy as part of a relationship.

The World as a Career Card

A happy change will present itself.