Two of Wands

I trust my intuition. I have everything that I need.

This card shows a man standing atop a castle, who has two wands at their disposal and – is holding the world in his hand!

Here we see two different side which “conflict” with one another: one side is the security offered by the castle, the other side represents the multitude of possibilities at one’s disposal (the globe), but also the fear one has of what could happen if one pursues them.

However it is already made clear, which way one should go. The movement of the left-hand wand shows that this is a decision to be made using one’s gut feelings.

Interpretation as Daily Card

Patience is required, jumping the gun will get you nowhere.

Meaning as a Relationship Card

Have the confidence to approach others.

The Two of Wands as a Career Card

Careful planning will help you to achieve your goals.